Recent Updates To Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon has recently released new updates to Sponsored Display ads inside of the Advertising Console. These are useful tools that sellers can implement in order to introduce their products to different yet relevant audiences to help scale their businesses.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Expands Custom Bid Optimizations

Why use custom bid optimizations?

With custom bid optimizations, sellers have more control over their campaigns and aren't restricted by predefined, 'one-size-fits-all' bid optimizations. Sellers can choose bid optimizations to help drive awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Optimize for Viewable impressions

A viewable impression is a standard measure of ad viewability defined by the International Advertising Bureau as an ad which appears at least 50% on screen for more than one second.

Viewable impressions are the metric that sellers use to quantify the percentage of ads that are actually viewed by actual shoppers. Knowing that their ad is being seen allows sellers to more precisely measure ad performance. 

Now, Brand Registered sellers in several European countries, Canada, and the US can select ‘Optimize for Viewable Impressions’. Sellers who optimize for viewable Impressions are seeking to further optimize their discoverability, Impression share, and visibility. 

When selecting this optimization, sellers can express their bids for a viewable impression with vCPM* charging and access Click + View attribution for metrics such as ROAS to help understand the value of their awareness efforts.

Regardless of targeting strategy, ads with this bid optimization may only serve on Amazon.

* vCPM (cost per thousand viewable impressions) billing is when Amazon charges a seller for an estimate of when their ad has been viewed by shoppers. This helps sellers to understand the cost of their awareness efforts when using the 'Optimize for viewable impressions' bidding option.


Optimize for Page Visits

‘Optimize page visits bidding’ is used to help serve ads to those audiences that are most likely to click on a seller's ad and visit their detail page.

This bidding optimization helps drive consideration to reach new potential customers, and then allows sellers to quantify their efforts using new-to-brand and click metrics.


Optimize for Conversions

‘Optimize for conversions’ bidding helps support cross-sells and upselling strategies to help drive sales and create customer loyalty.


Similar to Advertised Products

‘Similar to advertised products’ leverages Amazon's learning algorithms to reach audiences who have viewed other popular products, helping add scale to campaigns for both new and established products.

Sellers are also able to target individual products or whole categories of products.


Customize Creative (add a custom image)

Custom images can help sellers to tell their stories while serving ads on or off Amazon in their unique visual language. Custom images create product awareness when advertising to audiences unfamiliar with a seller's product. 

They help shoppers to learn about a seller's brand and product story. Custom images help shoppers get excited about a seller's brand and product experience.  This can even be accomplished with just a smartphone.  


Bonus Tip: Follow the image requirements shown below to ensure your ad meets Amazon’s terms...

Amazon Ad Image Requirements

  • Image Size: 1200 x 628 px or larger
  • File size: 5MB or smaller
  • File format: PNG, JPEG, or GIF
  • Content: No text, graphics, or logo added to the image


Purchases Remarketing

purchases remarketing

Sellers can now leverage purchases remarketing audiences to reach audiences based on historical purchase behaviors on Amazon. Sellers can now remarket to previous purchasers of their own products, related products, as well as products from specific retail categories. 

Campaigns can be designed based upon product insights (like price and star rating). Sellers can specify a time period (up to 30 days). 

Purchases remarketing also helps drive product consideration by cross-selling to audiences who recently bought related products.


Sponsored Display offers granular yet flexible bidding options through custom bid optimizations, which can help sellers to engage (new potential customers) and re-engage existing audiences (drive loyalty) as they scale their businesses with Amazon advertising. 

When creating a campaign, sellers now have additional tools to optimize bidding for their specific needs, allowing them to answer those needs, and further optimize campaigns against metrics such as clicks and Impressions.


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Mike Zagare

Mike Zagare Founder, PPC Entourage Michael Zagare is a serial entrepreneur, a recovering physical therapist, and the founder of PPC Entourage. Mike has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all things Amazon, and loves sharing that knowledge with other sellers to help them take steps towards personal and financial freedom.