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Mike Zagare
Mike Zagare Founder, PPC Entourage Michael Zagare is a serial entrepreneur, a recovering physical therapist, and the founder of PPC Entourage. Mike has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all things Amazon, and loves sharing that knowledge with other sellers to help them take steps towards personal and financial freedom.

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The bad news...

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Mining Search Terms

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How Do I Send Inventory to Amazon? New Amazon sellers have to frontload a ton of work before they ever start seeing sales on Amazon. 

Can I Bid Against Myself With Amazon PPC?

Can I Bid Against Myself With Amazon PPC? Sometimes, it can be difficult to track which keywords have been added to which campaigns. This is especially[…]

Amazon Budget Rules

Amazon has a feature called Budget Rules for Sponsored Products ads, which permits sellers to set budgets for each of their campaigns in advance. 

4 Sponsored Brands Video Reports Every Seller Should Periodically Review

Sponsored Brands video ads help sellers to stand out from their competition on desktop and mobile shopping app results, helping shoppers to discover their[…]

6 Ways to Reinvest in Your Amazon Business In The New Year

With the holidays over and Q4 behind us, many sellers find themselves faced with a major decision:

Amazon FBA Fee Changes for 2022

It’s that time of year again, and Amazon has outlined their FBA Fee Changes for 2022. As verified information for all of the upcoming fee changes can be[…]