4 Sponsored Brands Video Reports Every Seller Should Periodically Review

Sponsored Brands video ads help sellers to stand out from their competition on desktop and mobile shopping app results, helping shoppers to discover their products and brand as they shop on Amazon.

An important step for Amazon sellers after setting up and launching their Sponsored Brands video ads is to analyze the campaign results as those campaigns run, in order to improve their performance over time using Sponsored Brands Video Reports. 

Within the Sponsored Brands video ad format there are four key performance reports, which contain critical insights that will enable sellers to:

  • better understand the combined impact of their bids and keyword setup for any given ASIN,
  • compare the performance of different Sponsored Brands video ad format campaigns, and 
  • discover shopping patterns and trends.

These reports are the Keyword report, Campaign report, Campaign Placement report, and Search term report. They can be found in the menu sidebar of the advertising console where every seller should periodically review them.

Within each of these reports, sellers can find 10 important metrics for Sponsored Brands video campaigns that can help them to create high-response video ads that increase sales.

These metrics include:

  • viewable impressions, 
  • view-through rate (VTR), 
  • viewable click-through rate (vCTR), 
  • 5 second views, 
  • 5 second view rate, 
  • video first quartile, 
  • video midpoint, 
  • video third quartile, 
  • video completes, and 
  • unmutes.


Keyword report

This report permits sellers to review the performance of the individual keywords within their video campaigns. 

Sellers are able to:

  1. Compare keyword performances within a campaign and over time.
  2. See how impressions, CTR, ACOS, and ROAS change after a bid adjustment
  3. Separate keywords into two separate sections, based on performance. 
    • High performing – these keywords rank high on the metrics selected, based on the ASIN’s related business goal. Ranking should generally be based on the ratio metrics like CTR, ACOS, or ROAS, instead of absolute metrics like sales, total clicks, etc. Ratio metrics provide insight into the keywords that have higher potential and should be given more emphasis while adjusting the keyword selection and setting bids.             
    • Low performing – similar to the high-performing keyword categorization, use the key metrics that you selected to group the keywords that are not impactful for the selected ASIN.


Campaign Report

This report monitors the overall impact of bid, keyword, and creative optimizations.

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Sellers are able to:

  1. Compare the performance of multiple campaigns for a defined time period, in a single view.
  2. Identify high-performing or low-performing campaigns and apply these findings to develop the next set of reports.
  3. Monitor how the campaign is trending over time based on the key metric that was selected

Pro Tip: Sellers should select key metrics based on their marketing and business goals before analyzing the performance of the campaign.


Sponsored Brands Video Campaign Placement Report

This report currently offers only information pertaining to Rest of Search on Amazon.

sponsored brand video reports


Sponsored Brands Video Search Term Report

This report provides visibility into the shopping queries entered by shoppers that have resulted in at least one click on a seller's ad.

Sellers are able to:

  1. Identify high-performing search terms, as well as search terms that are underperforming.
  2. Identify the exact search term used by shoppers against the Phrase and Broad match keywords in their campaigns.
  3. Identify the keyword variations that can help to increase the performance of their campaigns
  4. Identify irrelevant keywords that are not directly associated with the advertised ASIN, in order to create a list of negative keywords that can assist with increasing the relevancy of the ads against shoppers’ queries.

Pro Tip: When generating the list of keywords, sellers should keep in mind that there is a trade-off between long-tail keywords/exact match and the number of impressions. Very specific, exact match keywords, such as "ray ban UV protection sunglasses”, can rank high in relevancy and have high CTR, but the impression volume might be low compared to a phrase match keyword, such as “sunglasses”.


Periodically reviewing and analyzing the data from these four reports can help any Amazon seller to fine-tune and increase the overall performance of their Sponsored Brands video ad campaigns. Be sure to consistently schedule these reports in the 'reporting settings' section of the advertising console. There is also an option to rerun a previous report. 

If you want to learn more about how Sponsored Brands Video ads can be implemented to increase the profits of your business, schedule a call with the Entourage Management Services team. 


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