Mining Search Terms to Improve Customer Engagement Beyond PPC

Mining Search Terms

Usually, when the subject of mining Search Terms is referred to, it’s in the context of finding keywords that closely align with what a shopper might use when searching for products to purchase on Amazon. Those search terms are then used as keywords in ads and in a product’s backend (Amazon's A9 algorithm matches shopper searches with the terms included in the product listing backend and compiles relevant products for search results).

However, search terms aren't just potential keywords. They can also be a means for improving a seller's customer engagement and the overall performance of their brand beyond PPC advertising.

3 Ways to Use Search Terms to Expand Your Marketing


I. Ideas for Sponsored Brands Video Ads  

Sponsored Brands Video ads are ideally designed to capture the attention of shoppers, drawing them to your listing within the first two to four seconds. 

What better way to do this than by showcasing a visual that is directly tied to one of the most highly searched phrases that generates the most money for you for a particular product. It's a great way to get new ideas that will innovate what you're doing with your current videos and to create highly engaging ads that motivate shoppers to click on the product's detail page and click 'add to cart'.

II. Search Terms Can Be Used for Your Storefront, Storefront Sub-pages, and Posts 

Search terms that are low ACoS and generate high sales can be used to communicate the idea of what the shopper is looking for (a solution to a problem or to fulfill a desire), as closely as possible and then placed into banners or in photoshop images in your storefront and sub-pages.

The goal is to create a visual that grabs a shopper's attention or that creates an emotional/ psychological investment in the product or in the brand.

You can create an Amazon Post* around a search term that includes a relevant image or have a post in which you talk about a product including the search term(s) several times. It’s a good way to take search term data and turn it into a post that’s more likely to engage the people who will actually buy from you.

* Posts is an image-based browsing experience on Amazon. Shoppers can explore brand-specific feeds or browse by product category to discover products and see what’s new from brands. You can create content for your products and publish them on the platform. 

All of your posts will show up on your brand’s feed. In addition to showing up on your feed, shoppers can encounter your Amazon Posts on product detail pages, in category-based feeds, and ‘related product’ feeds. Amazon’s algorithm decides whether your stories and posts will appear (except for the brand feed where it is published).

III. Use Search Terms in You’re A+ Content

Basic A+ content allows sellers to highlight products and share their brand story by adding pre-formatted text and image-based modules to the detail page for their products. Basic A+ content is available to all professional, Brand Registered sellers at no cost.

Premium A+ content enables you to use differentiated content such as video, image carousels, and enhanced comparative tables to tell their brand story and showcase product information on the marketplace. Premium A+ is a paid feature. 

Placing Search Terms into an enhanced image or text placement within you’re A+ content is also an excellent way to attract, engage and influence shoppers to buy your products. 

Mining Search Terms

How To Perform Search Term Mining

  1. Inside of Entourage 2.0, click on ‘my products’.
  2. Next, click on the product that you want to perform search term research on. You will see at the bottom of the product page inside of Entourage 2.0, a list of all of your campaigns.
  3. Take the top performing campaign (or the campaign with the most data), to begin mining search terms. Another way to delve into your research is to look at your campaigns, because typically, your products and their variations that are similar are grouped together. This will be a fertile ground in which to harvest search term data.
  4. Select a campaign. Go to Search Term Optimization.

    1. Choose ‘Below Target ACoS’. This will reveal your top performing search terms. These are the search terms with low ACoS, have generated several orders, high ROAS, and superior ROI.
  1. Turn off ‘remove keywords’.  You will now be able to see search terms even if you already have it as a keyword that you're targeting. This is important to remember because you are not looking for new keywords, but for search term ideas. 


Mining Search Terms to improve customer engagement beyond traditional PPC should be a part of every seller's marketing arsenal because it can play an important role in strengthening the relationship between the seller and their customers, which helps to create loyal customers who purchase from the seller again and again. 

For more ideas on how to better engage current and prospective customers, consider working with one of the expert coaches in Entourage’s Amazon Ads Coaching+ program . Our coaches provide private, personal 1 on 1 coaching, working hand in hand with sellers to solve problems and scale profits. 


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Mike Zagare

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