Can I Bid Against Myself With Amazon PPC?

Can I Bid Against Myself With Amazon PPC? Sometimes, it can be difficult to track which keywords have been added to which campaigns. This is especially true if you sell multiple variations of the same product, and want to target similar keywords across multiple campaigns for different child variations. 


But, the more bids on a keyword, the higher the final price at auction, right?


Well, it’s not quite that simple.


This inevitably leads many sellers to wonder...


Can I Bid Against Myself With Amazon PPC?

The short answer is… not anymore.


Once upon a time, this was actually a serious problem for Amazon sellers. Brands would find themselves accidentally competing with themselves, sometimes costing themselves hundreds or even thousands of dollars over several months before they realized the issue.


Luckly, these instances of “keyword cannibalism” were on Amazon’s radar as they developed more sophisticated advertising.


What is Keyword Cannibalism on Amazon?

Keyword Cannibalism is an industry term for when advertisers are (unfortunately) able to self-compete when bidding on a keyword. While once a serious concern for Amazon sellers, Amazon has eliminated the need for worry regarding self-competing at auction.



If a keyword is in more than one campaign, in the same match type, for the same product, the campaign that contains the keyword with the higher bid price will likely get the lion’s share of impressions and clicks. For more on this, check out our blog, Can I Have The Same Keyword in Different Campaigns?


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