The Top Five Problems With Amazon Advertising Management

It may seem odd for an Amazon advertising agency to discuss reasons not to work with us - the truth is that working with an Amazon advertising management company isn’t the right fit for everyone.


So, what are some common problems that sellers face when working with Amazon advertising agencies?


1. It Is More Expensive Than Automation / AI

For newer sellers on a budget, there are certainly cheaper options for optimizing your Amazon ads than full scale management. Software that utilizes automation technology may be a fraction of the cost. If all you are looking for is basic adjustments on simple campaigns, this might be the budget-friendly option for you.


Working with a professional Amazon advertising manager comes with the benefit of an Account Manager that is learning about your brand, your competitors, and your category, and considering that information when they make advertising decisions. 


Scaling a brand to become a household name is about more than just knowing the metrics - the human element is key.


But if you’re not quite there yet, a trustworthy software with automation features may be a lower investment to help get your brand ready for scalability.


Ask Yourself: Is my brand ready for me to invest in it and have a professional take over my advertising?

2. You Have To Relinquish Control

If you’re the type of seller that wakes up at 2am and just has to check on Seller Central, outsourcing your advertising could be a challenging transition. 


It may be tempting to log in and make changes, but working with a professional means allowing them to put together a proper plan of action and execute it accordingly. Making changes to ads that an account manager is working on may have unintended consequences that can cause delays in sales or even wasted ad spend.


Ask Yourself: Am I looking to focus on other areas of my business (or life) and have a professional take over the day to day responsibilities of Amazon advertising?

3. Results Take Time

If an Amazon agency promises overnight miracles, be very, very skeptical.


The reality of Amazon advertising is: to do it properly takes time and attention to detail. Anyone can create an auto campaign and call it a day. 


But for brands to... 

  • truly expand their visibility, 
  • engage shoppers at every stage of the customer buying cycle
  • and to dominate their category…


...a well-defined strategy, managed by a professional with knowledge of advanced tactics, is absolutely necessary.


Ask Yourself: Am I ready to begin the journey with my Account Manager, to build an advertising strategy that is viable long term?

4. You May Get Feedback You Don’t Like

As brand leaders, we tend to get close to our products. A lot of “us” goes into our listings, our copy, our ads.


And it might not all be great.


If you’re working with an Amazon advertising agency that is truly putting the best interests of your brand first, you’re going to get constructive criticism from time to time. 


  • That bullet point you think is brilliant might need to go.
  • The images you think are beautiful might be hurting your conversion rate.
  • You may even launch a product that is just plain not a winner.


A professional will give you their honest feedback, even when it isn’t good news.


Ask Yourself: Am I looking for any angle to make my brand better?

5. You’re The Boss... Kinda

If you’ve never worked with an agency, or perhaps you’ve only worked with a VA (Virtual Assistant), you may be used to things being done your way and on your schedule.


A professional Account Manager at an agency… Well, they’re not your VA. They’re technically not even your employee. They work for the agency, and while everything your Account Manager does is based on your goals and budgets, they’re not on-call to you and they may manage things very differently than you’re used to.


Clients that have great relationships with their advertising agencies will always have:

  • Clearly established preferred methods of communication 
  • Clearly established goals and budgets (even if they change regularly
  • An understanding that their Account Manager may approach advertising differently than they’re used to


Of course, you should expect regular, reliable communication. However, if you’re the kind of seller that wants that communication to happen on Christmas morning, a professional agency might not be for you.


Ask Yourself: Do I want to work with a team who can take over and be successful without my supervision? Do I want an employee to do things my way, or do I want an Account Manager to build my advertising strategy based on their knowledge and experience?

Is Working With an Amazon Advertising Management Agency Right For You?

Only you can determine if working with an agency is the right choice for you, and for your brand. We want to work with sellers who feel we’re the right fit for their brand’s unique needs. Our hope is that this article is able to clarify the pros and cons of working with an agency like ours.


  • If you’re ready to invest in expert management by an experienced professional...
  • If you’re looking to focus on other areas of your business (or life) while your Account Manager handles your advertising...
  • If you want an advertising strategy that is viable long term, and that will scale your visibility and revenue...
  • If you’re looking for any and every opportunity to make your brand better...
  • If you want to work with a team who you can trust to take over and be successful, who will build an advertising strategy based on their knowledge and experience to reach your goals...

…Then we invite you to schedule a call with us. We help Amazon brands become household names, and we’d love to speak with you about your brand’s potential.

Mike Zagare

Mike Zagare Founder, PPC Entourage Michael Zagare is a serial entrepreneur, a recovering physical therapist, and the founder of PPC Entourage. Mike has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all things Amazon, and loves sharing that knowledge with other sellers to help them take steps towards personal and financial freedom.