How Do I Get Better Reviews on Amazon (Amazon Reviews 2021 Part 2)?

Everyone gets a bad review now and then. The best product in the world could arrive damaged through no fault of the seller, and boom. 1 Star.


Some things are out of your control as an Amazon seller, but there are actionable ways to reduce bad reviews, and as importantly, there is a right and wrong way to handle the bad reviews you receive. 


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How Do I Get Better Reviews on Amazon?

If you have a great product, but you’re confused as to why you’re getting bad reviews and ratings on Amazon, it may be time to revisit your listing copy.


If there are no problems with the product itself, you may be dealing with an issue of confusion or misconceptions about the product. When a customer receives an item and it is not what they expected, you’re on the fast track to getting 1 star and a complaint.


Take Feedback Seriously

If someone feels the product isn’t as it was described on the listing, take a hard look at your title, bullets, and A+ content. Look for any areas that might lack clarity or lead to confusion.



Be Specific

Add product dimensions to your listing so people know exact sizes, and show real photos of your product in use as opposed to Photoshopped stock images.


Know The Questions… Then Answer Them

Read through your reviews and frequently asked questions, and then rework your bullet point and A+ copy to directly speak to these concerns.


Accept Your Flaws

If you’ve got a product that is breaking easily or is in some way truly flawed, try to remember that product complaints aren’t an attack on you as a person. Set any ego aside and, if necessary, improve your product. 


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